United States·November 1 - 28 2025

BEQOMING Prosperous

Redefine prosperity. Unlock your version of it.



Prosperity is - first and foremost - a state of mind and body. Not a number in your bank account. Once you understand prosperity consciousness, you can magnetize, amplify, and steward your resources with greater ease, purpose, and impact. Prosperity is a frequency game, and this program will get you in proper resonance. In this 4-week, self-study program, you’ll: - Become a powerful co-creator of your own reality by understanding the true energetics of prosperity - Transform your relationship to prosperity and money so that you become an undeniable energetic match to both - Deeply understand the differences between magnetism and manifestation so that you can bring your visions to life - Gain the tools and resources necessary to magnetize prosperity that’s aligned with your truth Rather than just trying to think positively, you’ll be guided through an excavation process where you’ll address your fears head-on and uncover their profound wisdom to fuel your new reality. This work will help undo the conditioning you’ve inherited so that you can courageously live in an authentic way - not by some outdated model of “success.” Now is the time to unlock your authentic prosperity.


Redefine Prosperity

Redefine Prosperity

This course expands the conventional understanding of prosperity beyond just financial wealth, defining it as the nourishing life force energy always available within and around us. When unlocked and flowing, prosperity expresses itself emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Through the BEQOMING Prosperous journey, you’ll see prosperity through an entirely new lens and learn to cultivate it in alignment with your heart’s intelligence.

Unlock the Power of Your Magnetism

Unlock the Power of Your Magnetism

Your thoughts, feelings, and energy inform your reality. But 85% of your being is subconscious, so until you illuminate and process this material, you don’t have much conscious say in the experiences you’re magnetizing. This work will change the default setting of your energetic signature, meaning, the instructions you are sending to the universe, so that you can master the art of attracting prosperity.

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Break through limiting beliefs and patterns that hinder your financial success and cultivate a new, empowering relationship with money. You’ll learn how to trust the intelligent design of your life and integrate the wisdom of what you receive. Discover how to powerfully receive money in exchange for your gifts and get a sales process for enrolling high-ticket clients.

Unlock Your Soul Curriculum

Unlock Your Soul Curriculum

Delve deep into your unique life lessons around prosperity, uncovering stagnant energy and nourishing prosperous flow. Through the extensive self-inquiry workbook, you’ll gain insights into your personal growth journey and the tools to thrive in alignment with your soul's purpose. You’ll come to see fear as your greatest teacher and embrace the richness of your full aliveness.

Create a Roadmap to Your Prosperous Future

Create a Roadmap to Your Prosperous Future

You’ll be equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to generate prosperity while expanding your authentic truth. You'll break free from inherited conditioning and restrictive thought patterns, empowering yourself to courageously create your version of prosperity. Through guided exercises, you’ll develop a clear plan for closing the gap between what is now and what is possible.


They are the co-authors of BEQOMING: Everything You Didn't Know You Wanted, and the co-founding stewards of BEQOMING, a platform designed to empower people to unlock who they were designed to be through facilitating transformational processes, curating community, and sharing inspirational media. They are deeply passionate about redefining and unlocking prosperity in service to creating ROI (Ripple of Impact).

Azrya Bequer

Azrya Bequer

Azrya Bequer’s focus has been on refining her internal state and spiritual connection through a broad variety of modalities including shamanic, plant medicine ceremonies. An artist and performer at heart, Azrya segued her decade in the entertainment industry into guiding other purpose-driven pioneers through accelerated, personal transformation. 

She is a radical truth-seeker and consciousness junkie and shares her teachings through writing, filmmaking, speaking, and making D.O.P.E (Daring, Original, Purposeful, Expression) art as the creative director of BEQOMING. 

Areas of Expertise: Visioning • Curriculum Design • Coaching 

Benjamin Bequer

Benjamin Bequer

Benjamin Bequer's career as a renegade entrepreneur sky-rocketed early on when the family business he poured himself into while on his "Sugar Mountain" of traditional success grew to $200MM annual revenue and over 1,800 team members. Since then, he has utilized a lifetime of strategic business expertise to incubate and accelerate start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs and organizations as an angel investor. 

Today, he has devoted his focus to deep, personal transformation through the path of shamanic plant medicine and has co-founded the BEQOMING O.S. and platform as a philanthropic venture, guiding people who help other people rise, and BEQOMING the kind of father, husband, and man he never knew he could be. 

Areas of Expertise: Visioning • Business Architecture • Mentoring


Week-By-Week Breakdown





You’ll begin by mapping the journey ahead, taking your prosperity measurements, setting your goals, and redefining prosperity by discovering its true energetics. 

You’ll receive: 

  • 10-Video Explanation Library of the terms and concepts used in this program 
  • Prosperity Contemplation to infuse you with the frequency of prosperity 
  • Lesson 1: Money As My Teacher 
  • Bonus: BEQOMING Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted 348-page e-book 


You’ll dive deep into the fears and beliefs that are blocking your prosperity, harvest their wisdom to inform your purpose, and then clear your space to welcome new prosperous energy. 

You’ll receive: 

  • Lesson 2: Excavating Your Prosperity "Locks" 
  • Guided Meditation for Prosperity 
  • Lesson 3: From Stagnancy to Flow 



You’ll deepen your understanding of the energetics of prosperity, learn the critical distinctions between magnetism and manifestation, and unlock your ability to magnetize prosperity. 

You’ll receive: 

  • Lesson 4: Prosperity Through Stewardship, Reciprocity, & Polarity 
  • Audio Guide: Polarity Self-Inquiry 
  • Lesson 5: How Magnetism Fuels Creation
  • Guided Breathwork Excercise: Stoking the Fire
  • Guided Breathwork Exercise: Energize and Clarify 


Uncover more of your soul curriculum and unique goals regarding prosperity, create a roadmap for receiving financial prosperity in exchange for your gifts, and learn a sales process for enrolling high-ticket clients. 

You’ll receive: 

  • Lesson 6: The Secret about The Secret and Why the "Law of Attraction" is Misunderstood 
  • Guided Audio: EROI Exercise 
  • Lesson 7: Powerfully Receive Money in Exchange for Your Gifts 
  • BONUS Lesson 8: A Sales Process for Enrolling High-Ticket Clients 
  • Reviewing the Journey & Next Steps 

What's Included

What's Included

8 Wisdom-Packed Video Lessons

Guided Meditation and Breathwork Exercises

10-Video Explanation Library

Transformational Workbook with Audio Guidance

Bonus: BEQOMING Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted e-book


BEQOMING Prosperous




"Honestly... I’ve done many courses and this is the first one I actually FINISHED! I loved it. I received so much new awareness around limiting beliefs and tangible steps on how to integrate them. I feel like I’m on a new journey around prosperity and am really excited about what now feels so expansive."



"I have actually manifested in the physical form a man that is so wealthy and able to expand my consciousness past what I thought I wanted... as well as deserved. My world has completely blown open to the possibility of what I can create in the future!"



"The BEQOMING Prosperous program gave me answers I was seeking for 2 years. It gave me clear action steps, a new energy boost, and it was magic for my soul."



  • Unworthiness 
  • Feelings of Lack Unprocessed Emotions 
  • Financial Difficulty 
  • Difficulty Receiving 
  • Fear of Being Seen 
  • Fear Around Charging For Services 
  • Lack of Clarity 
  • Gain a deep understanding of the energetics of prosperity so that you can magnetize more of it into your life
  • Upgrade your self-confidence and worthiness to receive 
  • Transform and empower your relationship with money 
  • Understand how to create more flow, fulfillment, and alignment in your life 
  • Upgrade your magnetism and manifestation abilities
  • Feel more supported by the intelligence of life 
BEQOMING Prosperous

United States · November 1 - 28 2025