About Us

Our goal is to provide access to meaningful life changing experiences and courses to millions of people


Creating experiences is an art

Lets change the way we experience the world!

We are passionate about travel, personal development, and living fully in all aspects of life!

Creating meaningful experiences for people brings us so much joy, we love going the extra mile and going into all the little details of each experience.

We live and travel all over the world and know all the best spots and the best teachers. We are beyond excited to share our experiences with you.

Our Team


Brady Hedlund

Brady is a serial entrepreneur.

He has spent the last 17 years traveling the world. Most of his travels were related to his travel business Life Before Work. Which ran for 13 years throughout 18 different countries offering group experiences focused on adventure, fun and unique parties.

Over the last 5 years he has been on more of an inwards journey exploring himself and creating a new way of living that is more in alignment for the life he wants to live and now he wants to inspire others to do the same.

His mission is to inspire people to live a full meaningful life through experience creation, coaching and developing community spaces.



Jenny Dublenko

Jenny is a passionate traveler and marketer who has always believed that travel can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and connection. 

Jenny's own journey has been shaped by travel. She has spent years exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. With a background in marketing and ecommerce, she's brought her unique perspective and innovative ideas to help make xpand.community stand out. 

She is committed to creating a company that not only provides incredible travel experiences, but also fosters a sense of community. 



Kayla Yoder

Kayla is a transformational leader who helps men and women break out of their comfort zone for more freedom, joy and connection. She has lived in over 35 countries and has facilitated workshops and experiences all over the world.

While her home-base is in Bali, Kayla is a nomad at heart and loves anything that gets her heart rate pumping – from soy lattes and adrenaline activities to deep conversations and good old-fashioned “truth or dare”.

Her mission is to activate people into their fullest and most authentic expression through speaking, writing, music and dance.



Explore your inner and outer worlds

Travel has changed our lives, it’s the best way to truly discover who you are what you truly want in life. It opens up new opportunities that we didn’t even know were possible.

After years of creating and attending all sorts of different experiences around the world, we are hand picking some of the best experiences to offer to you!