5 steps for building a fulfilling life

An online workshop to help you get clear on what's most important to you and identify ways to experience more joy and freedom in your life. 

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September 5, 2023 6pm-7:30 PST

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What's This Workshop All About?

In this powerful workshop, you'll discover the roadmap to unlock your true potential and live a life that aligns with your deepest desires. Kayla Yoder, a seasoned expert in personal development, will guide you through five transformative steps that are bound to reshape your life's trajectory:

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Step 1: Get Clear on Your Values

Unearth the guiding principles that define you. With Kayla's guidance, you'll delve deep into your core values, gaining clarity on what truly matters to you. This foundational step will serve as the compass for the rest of your journey.

Step 2: Define Your Most Fulfilling Path

Imagine a life where every moment is meaningful and invigorating. Kayla will help you identify the activities and experiences that bring you the most joy. By crafting a life that resonates with your passions, you'll open doors to uncharted realms of fulfillment.

Step 3: Envision Your Dream Life

Close your eyes and picture the life you've always dreamed of. Through guided visualization exercises, Kayla will help you paint a vivid picture of your aspirations. As your dream life takes shape, you'll realize that it's within your grasp.

Step 4: Bridge the Gap

Uncover the gaps between your current reality and your dream life. Kayla will help you pinpoint areas that can be adjusted to create more room for joy and fulfillment. This eye-opening step will set the stage for transformative change.

Step 5: Turn Dreams into Reality

The most exciting part – turning your dreams into tangible actions! Kayla will guide you in crafting practical, achievable steps to infuse your day-to-day routine with purpose. These actions will pave the way for your journey towards the life you've always craved.

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About The Facilitator

Kayla Yoder

Kayla is a transformational leader who helps men and women break out of their comfort zone for more freedom, joy and connection. She has lived in over 35 countries and has facilitated workshops and experiences all over the world.

While her home-base is in Bali, Kayla is a nomad at heart and loves anything that gets her heart rate pumping – from soy lattes and adrenaline activities to deep conversations and good old-fashioned “truth or dare”.

Her mission is to activate people into their fullest and most authentic expression through speaking, writing, music and dance.

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Why Choose This Workshop?

🔑 Unlock Your True Potential: Experience a profound shift as you align your life with your core values and passions.

🧘 Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kayla Yoder's years of expertise in personal development and coaching.

🌟 Practical Steps: Walk away with actionable strategies that you can implement immediately.

🌎 Online Convenience: Participate from the comfort of your own home, connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide.

Seize this opportunity to design the life you deserve – a life brimming with joy, purpose, and freedom. Join Kayla Yoder and a community of dream-seekers in the "5 Steps for Building a Fulfilling Life" workshop. Your journey towards a fulfilling life starts here.